Discord is filled with bots. All kinds of bots. From fun, games, music bots to security ones. Security is a huge aspect of Discord Servers because owners want to provide the best service for their members. That's where Wick comes in and saves the day. Wick is different from other security bots because it provides all the package and more, anti nuke system that protects the server from rogue admins/mods. Anti raid system that denies any person from ruining your beautiful server and an anti spam system that ensures members having the best experience Discord was made for.

Wick is a Discord security bot that does multiple things security-related. It stops: members with dangerous permissions from nuking your server, members trying to raid your server, members trying to spam in all forms. And not just that, Wick also has many features from Captcha verification to an anti-NSFW system and so much more.

Wick's Core Explained

Wick is programmed in JS, has its custom database and library. Wick's core is divided into four parts: anti-nuke, anti-raid, anti-spam and filters.

The anti-nuke has an advanced system that watches any admin/mod's activity (Channel and role deletion, Users kicked and banned, Mentions). All the activities are stored and there are filters working to get a match. We will get to the filters later.

The anti-raid and anti-spam are similar systems, what they do is watch what an account is sending after studying the account (Account Age, Account Server Stay, Account Profile Picture, Account Nitro Status, Account Global Status) and if there's an abnormal behavior sending messages, Wick will mute the user. Same with mention-spamming.

There are several filters planted to stop people dodging settings. An example :“If you spam 5 times in a minute you get muted” <- that won't work because once the user finds out, they will be spamming 4 times a minute. That can't happen with Wick, because Wick has more filters added like account's age, server-contribution and we are not going to get into more filters, what's important is that they can't dodge the settings. The settings made can work with any server as Wick has been tested in 3 grand servers pre-launch, two of which are Discord-Partnered.

Getting Started

First you will need to add Wick to your server, just [Click Here] and make sure you grant it the permissions it asks so you can avoid future issues with Wick.

Once you added Wick to your server, move it's role to the very top (Above Admins) so it can deal with everyone doing abnormal activities.

Here's an example of how roles should look like:


And these are the permissions needed for Wick to function 100%

Permissions Needed


All the official basic, premium and utility are here with brief description of each next to the permissions needed.

  •    Basic
  •    Utility
  •    Premium
Command Description Permission Needed
w!stats Wick will show you everything that has happened recently. Channels and roles deleted, users banned and kicked, recent mentions too. View Audit Log
w!whitelist Whitelists a channel, user or a role in the raid/spam system, Note that whitelisted users & roles will still be punished for nuking.

Usage: w!whitelist show / w!whitelist channel|user|role @mention|name|id|tag(if user) / w!whitelist channel|user|role remove @mention|name|id|tag(if user) / w!whitelist channel|user|role reset

Note: Premium users have more details about this command in the premium tab.
w!adv Enable/Disable the anti discord advertisement filter. Enabling this will make Wick delete any server invite and also give the user a strike unless it's posted by an Admin (ADMINSTRATOR) or a Mod (MANAGE_MESSAGES).

Usage: w!whitelist enable|disable
Manage Messages, Manage Roles
w!anonly This command will disable every system but the anti-nuke and the anti-malicious.

Usage: w!anonly
w!nsfw Enable/Disable the anti NSFW filter. Enabling this will make Wick delete any nsfw website stored, add a strike to the user (Only deletes if the message is sent by an Admin (ADMINSTRATOR) or a Mod (MANAGE_MESSAGES).

Usage: w!nsfw enable|disable
Manage Messages, Manage Roles
w!spam Enable/Disable the anti spam/raid system.

Usage: w!nsfw enable|disable

Note: Premium users have more details about this command in the premium tab.
Manage Messages, Manage Roles
w!whitelistadv Whitelist a channel/user when it comes to posting discord invites.

Usage: w!whitelistadv user|channel ID / w!whitelistadv user|channel reset
w!strikes View the member's recent logged strikes and the current strike count before the mute. And the ability to also reset the strike count (not the logged previous strikes).

Usage: w!strikes @user-mention / w!strikes @user-mention reset
w!onjoin Enable/Disable the joined user's username filter. Enabling this will make Wick change the new member's nickname if their username has something unallowed (nsfw, malicious content).

Usage: w!onjoin enable/disable
Manage Nicknames
w!feedback Use this command to let us know what you think about Wick, what do you like about it and what feature would you like in the future. None
w!updates See the recent updates added to Wick. None
Command Description Permission Needed
w!perms Execute this command to see what permissions are required for Wick to function properly and which permissions are granted/missing in the guild or in the local channel.

Usage: w!perms / w!perms local
w!facts This command will show you Wick's stats when it comes to raids, nukes and spamming stopped. Without forgetting users banned, kicked and muted. None
w!ban Ban ANY member in the guild by providing their id or just mentioning them, with also the ability to add the reason (reason is optional).

Usage: w!ban @user-mention|userID reason
Ban Members
w!kick Kick ANY member in the guild by providing their id or just mentioning them, with also the ability to add the reason (reason is optional).

Usage: w!kick @user-mention|userID reason
Kick Members
w!purge Bulk-Delete x amounts of messages (of a user, if mentioned) in the channel.

Usage: w!purge x @user-mention|username|user-tag|userID / w!purge x
Manage Messages
w!ping You want to know how Wick is doing, how nice of you ❤ None
w!premium Everything about premium shown, Also the link to Patreon. None
w!help Use this if you need help with Wick, want to join our Discord support server or just want to get premium. None
Command Description Permission Needed
w!settings This command let's you see Wick's current anti-nuke settings and gives you the ability to change them to your liking.

Usage: w!settings filterNumber value
w!spam Everything about the anti-raid/spam system the ability to change all its settings. Keep in mind that this doesn't disable the other filters if they are enabled (nsfw, adv).

Usage: w!spam enable|disable|default / w!spam settings / w!spam close|same|quick msgsNumber intervalSec / w!spam settings webhook enable|disable
Manage Messages, Manage Roles
w!whitelist Whitelist/Remove from a whitelist/Reset a channel/user/role/webhook when it comes to spamming/raiding and also view it.

Usage:w!whitelist show / w!whitelist channel|user|role|webhook @mention|name|id|tag(if user) / w!whitelist channel|user|role|webhook remove @mention|name|id|tag(if user) / w!whitelist channel|user|role|webhook reset / w!whitelist show channels|users|roles|webhooks
Kick Members
w!everyone Wick overrides the default @everyone with a fake role that get's the member muted if they mention it (useful for raids) Manage Roles
w!verification Wick will dm a CAPTCHA verification to the member joined if found suspicious and they will have to answer it correctly and before 3 minutes passes or else Wick will kick them (useful to stop automated self bots).

Usage: w!verification enable/disable
Manage Roles, Kick Members
w!whois View everything about a user. Account's details like age, server stay and status are displayed then everything related to security like global ban and whitelist are shown. A list of roles the user has is also shown with whitelisted roles being marked. Lastly, a list of recent strikes the user had.

Usage: w!whois x @user-mention|username|user-tag|userID
w!setstrikes Set the number of strikes needed for Wick to mute the member. If a member gets x strikes (3 by default), Wick will instantly mute them and reset the count.

Usage: w!setstrikes x
w!joinage Accounts younger than x days will automatically be kicked. If enabled, verification system will be automatically disabled.

Usage: w!joinage x
Kick Members
w!restore Give back the previous Admin (ADMINSTRATOR) or Mod (MANAGE_MESSAGES) their roles/ Give back the roles + reset the mentions record.

Usage: w!restore @user-mention|userID / w!restore @user-mention|userID -totalreset
Manage Roles
w!botlist Get the list of all bots on the guild and Ability to assign them a role or kick them all.

Usage: w!botlist / w!botlist assign @role-mention / w!botlist kick
Manage Roles, Kick Members
w!status Wick's status regarding anti-nuke mainly. None
w!lockdown Will make you lockdown a channel for a specific time (1s 1h 1d 1y format) or revoke the lockdown.

Usage: w!lockdown
Manage Channels
w!clone Will make you clone the channel you put the command in and then delete it (if you didnt type SAFE).

Usage: w!clone / w!clone safe
Manage Channels
w!mactivity Recent activity related to pings/mentions. None
w!cactivity Recent activity related to channels. None
w!ractivity Recent activity related to roles. None
w!kactivity Recent activity related to users kicked. None
w!bactivity Recent activity related to users banned. None

Keep in mind that most of these commands only work with the server-owner. Wick is a server owner bot only, it's not made for admins, mods or regular users. Just you, the server owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •    General
  •    Premium
  •    Troubleshooting
How can I help Wick?

You can help us keep Wick's lights on and make it better by becoming a patron, just follow this link: and choose the premium/VIP plan you need. We really appreciate the support. Patrons will recieve a premium version of Wick, they will get to have the new features first and they will have a special support provided.

You can also help Wick by upvoting it on Discord Bots lists:,

Where do I get help?

You can simply join our Discord Server: and just mention @wickSupport

You should also read this doc page because it might have what you need.

Can I have a version of Wick?

You can have your custom version (custom Logo, name, servers, emoticons and messages) by purchasing the VIP plan on patreon. We will host the version for you and also provide support.

What are Wick's main features?

Wick's main features are its anti-nuking and its anti-raiding system. The anti-nuking prevents rogue or compromised Admins/Mods from destroying your server by mass kicking, mass banning, mass deleting roles and channels. The anti-raid prevents people from spamming and pinging your server members and roles.

Does Wick need admin permission?

Not anymore. Simply use this command w!perms to see which permissions Wick needs.

Do I need to make a muted role?

Yes. and you also need to set it up right. Wick won't punish anyone if there is no muted role found.

Is Wick dangerous?

No. Wick only does what is supposed to do and it's well protected.

What kind of information does Wick store?

Only things that it's systems need are stored (anti-nuke, anti-raid). Message contents are never stored. User data too.

Who made Wick?

Bunch of weirdos.

What are Wick's informations coding-wise

80% JavaScript, 20% Python. Uses a custom library, a custom database too.

How do I get premium?

You get premium by becoming a patron, just follow this link: and choose the premium/VIP plan you need. And then join the Support Server to get your Role automatically.

How do I setup premium Wick?

After becoming a patron and joining the support server, head over to any channel and just type w!active your-server-id to add your server to the premium database.

Then Wick will give you the invite link of the Premium Version of the bot.


After clicking on wickPREMIUM and adding the bot to your server, make sure that it's role is above the admins/mods as shown before.


Now you need to create a role called Unverified that wick will use to verify suspicious users and bots added. Make sure that only YOU can move the role. So it should be above the admins.


IMPORTANT: You need to deny the Unverified role from seeing all the channels so that suspicious users can't mess with the server.

IMPORTANT: You need to have a Muted role set up. Wick won't do that for you.

Now, you can use the whitelist feature to whitelist channels, users, roles AND webhooks in the anti-raid/spam system. Your Admins (ADMINSTRATOR) and Mods (MANAGE_MESSAGES) are automatically whitelisted.

To whitelist a channel, just do w!whitelist channel channelID where channelID is the ID of the channel you want to whitelist. Same with users w!whitelist user userID where userID is the ID of the user, also roles w!whitelist role roleID where roleID is the ID of the role. and finally webhooks w!whitelist webhook webhookID where webhookID is the ID of the webhook.


If you just want to have the anti-nuke. You can use this command w!spam disable.

If you want to enable the Verification system

I can't activate my premium, what's wrong?

If you purchased premium from patreon, join the Discord Server: and wait at least 10 minutes to get your premium role automatically. Then try and activate your premium in the support server still

Wick is removing a safe webhook..

Whitelist it. Use w!whitelist webhook webhook-id-here. If you don't know how to get a webhook ID, copy its url and do w!whitelist webhook webhook-LINK-here.

Wick is not doing anything, what's wrong?

Run the command w!perms in your server to see which permissions Wick needs and which does it already have. Grant the permissions missing. If Wick is still not doing anything, make sure you have a role named Muted. Wick's only way to punish users is to mute them. If there is no muted role in your server, Wick would find it pointless to even do anything. (Anti-Nuke however will still work).

Why can’t my mods use Wick?

It's a server-owner bot. and mods/admins are super limited to using commands. They can only see stats.

Wick says that it muted the user, but the user is still typing. What?

That's pretty much your own fault. You need to setup the muted role in your server properly. Wick only hands the muted role. How the muted role is setup in your server is none of Wick's business.

Wick is not verifying users..... What is wrong?

Your server needs to have a role named Unverified that is unallowed to see any channel there is in your server. You also need to enable the verification system by executing this command w!verification enable. Keep in mind that this will verify only suspected accounts.

Wick is muting my bots for spamming, but they are harmless bots! What should I do?

Whitelist them. Simply execute this command w!whitelist user your-bot-id-here in your server. Keep in mind that whitelisting only covers the anti raid/spam system. Whitelisted users won't be immune regarding the anti-nuke system.

Wick is muting my precious user! What should I do?

Whitelist that user if you trust them enough to not cause any harmful spam using this command w!whitelist user user-id-here Keep in mind that whitelisting only covers the anti raid/spam system. Whitelisted users won't be immune regarding the anti-nuke system.

Wick is muting people spamming in channels that allow spam

if your channel is not named #spam or #bot-spam or basically an obvious spam channel. Just whitelist it using w!whitelist channel channel-id-here

"You made me look like a fool..."

Someone mentions everyone in your server, and that person has no mod/admin permission. Wick searches for a Muted role to give but finds none.


Discord Server:

We are looking for people willing to help us with the support. If you love the project and you want to be a part of the support team, please let us know.