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            Hey it's Fnaki, the main coder of Wick Security Bot. The reason why I made Wick is because I wanted to make a free bot that does wonders.
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Wick will deal with admins/mods doing any abnormal activities.


Wick has multiple filters when it comes to raiding, it first studies the account's details then acts based on them.


Spamming will lead to a mute. The system is different from a user to another because of filters. But if there's a spam, wick will deal with the user.


If a user hits a certain number of strikes (3 by default), they will get muted.


Wick will deal with any user/bot that tries to post any malicious content, let it be a phishing, ipgrab or a malware website.


Wick has ON JOIN, ANTI-ADV, Anti-NSFW systems and more!

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